Purchased a new device and want your old Norton com setup subscription to be installed on it? You are at the right place! Here, in this article, we are going to provide you Norton support for transferring your subscription to a new system. Check out the steps below:

(If you have purchased a Norton subscription for more than one device, then you can choose to remove a device you don’t want the antivirus protection for.)

  1. Open your Norton account to the existing device
    1. Enter your registered username and password
  2. Go to Devices and choose the device you don’t want the Norton antivirus to protect
    1. You can remove the device that comes up with a red or orange status
  3. Click the icon (three horizontal dots) on the bottom right corner
  4. Choose Manage License from the menu
  5. Select the Manage Device and follow the below given instructions:
    1. Hit the device name
    2. Choose Remove Norton available under “What would you like to do”
    3. Click Next
  6. Select Yes when you see the Remove Norton window
  7. Hit Install Now on the next page
  8. You will see an “Install on a new device” page
  9. Choose any of the following:
    1. For norton installation on the existing device, hit the Download link (Valid if you have removed the Norton subscription that was previously installed on your device and now want to reinstall the same)
    2. For norton activation on some other system, hit Send Link
  10. Select Next
  11. Now, do as instructed on your computer screen

During the Norton subscription transfer process or after completing it, if you find any technical glitch then dial norton.com/setup support number and get immediate help from a certified technician. You will be provided with the best solution in no time. Norton support services can also be availed to receive guidance on other topics related to your specific Norton antivirus. norton.com/setup, norton com setup, norton.com setup, norton com/setup, www.norton.com/setup, www norton.com setup, norton setup, install norton setup, norton setup download, norton.com'setup